Burial & Interment Options

Burial & Interment Options

The following service options are intended to give you a general idea of the most common packages selected by families. This list is not exhaustive and intended to be a starting point for the wide variety of services available.

It is becoming more often that families endeavor to find new and innovative ways to lay loved ones to rest. If a more traditional church or funeral home service doesn’t feel like the best fit for your loved one, it is perfectly fine to consider other alternatives.

The point to keep in mind here is to keep an open mind as you approach the process of planning and carrying out the celebration of your loved one’s life.

Traditional Funeral Service and Burial:

The body is present for visitation and funeral services are held either at the funeral home or at a church. All services can be held on a single day, or visitation can occur on one or more days prior to the day of service. The number of days is based upon many factors, to include the size and geographic proximity of the family and the number of friends and community members expected to attend. The burial can be included as a formal part of the service with a procession to the cemetery, privately with just family or simply witnesses by the funeral home.

Graveside Service Burial:

The body is buried in a traditional manner with services held only at the grave, without visitation or funeral rites held at a funeral home or church. On these occasions, the ceremony at the grave might last a little longer than a graveside service held following traditional services. Such details are decided upon by the presider of the service with input from the family members(s) in charge of the arrangements. In some situations, this service plan can be carried out without embalming of the body as no public visitation/viewing would be taking place.

Immediate Burial:

When this plan is carried out, there are no services with the body present, nor are there rites at the grave at the time of interment. In most situations, this service plan can be carried out without embalming of the body as no public visitation would be taking place and planning the details and can usually occur quickly, thus satisfying the 48-hour disposition/embalming requirement as outlined by public health guidelines. This option does not preclude the bereaved family and friends from planning a service or gathering to commemorate and celebrate the life.

Traditional Funeral Service and Cremation:

In this scenario, the body is present for the visitation and/or funeral services and is cremated following those rites. Caskets for such service may be rented or purchased. Burial rites can be accorded in a formal fashion following the cremation and would be scheduled at the convenience of the family. Burial would be available within a day or two (soon after the cremation) but could be delayed to coincide with a special date such as a birthday, anniversary. Procession to the location of internment can be incorporated into the services.

Memorial Service Following Cremation:

In these cases, the body is cremated prior to services taking place. When the services are held, they can be more traditional and formal and carried out over several days at the funeral home or at a church, or they can be more condensed and less formal, occurring all in one day. Burial rites can be incorporated into the service with or without a procession to the place of interment.

Simple Cremation:

When opting for a simple cremation, the funeral home coordinates the cremation process and returns the cremated remains to the next of kin. The family would then handle any rites or services on their own. The remains are returned to the next of kin in an easy to open plastic container, which is non-biodegradable, as to qualify for burial or interment at most cemeteries. This helps families, in to avoid having to purchase an urn or vault. Some cemeteries require a specific type of container or vault for cremated remains to be buried in, and in those cases, we will help provide options that satisfy the cemetery at the most reasonable costs we can.

Non-Traditional Gatherings:

When burial or cremation is chosen as the method of disposition, any type of gathering, service or event can be carried out. If a traditional service package does not feel like the best way to honor a life, we encourage families to brainstorm options with open minds. This is important because funeral or memorial rites are most healing when they have meaning and provide comfort to those in attendance. Some non-traditional ideas that we have seen include a boat outing, car or motorcycle show, cookout, favorite movie screening, group baseball outing, a golf outing, wine and painting session or dinner reception. While not an exhaustive listing, we hope this provides food for thought. If there is an event you would like to consider, please feel welcome to ask us any questions you may have about logistics and challenges.