Preplanned Finances

Preplanned Finances

Preplanning the services to take place following your death is one of the most thoughtful and helpful gestures you can offer to your family. Upwards of 100 decisions need to be made within the first couple of days following a death. Preplanning your

We accept cash, check, debit and credit card as methods of payment for the preplanned services selected by families. These payments can be done all at once, or overtime.

In the case of cash, check or debit card payments, the funds are held in a trust account established in the purchaser’s name. The funds are then safe kept until the time of need arises and are then paid to the funeral home when services are provided.

An insurance policy that has previously been purchased may also be assigned to the funeral home and held in the trust for future funeral services.

Any and all of these methods can be set up to allow a person to have their funeral prepaid and still be eligible for Medicaid assistance certification if needed.

Funeral prearrangements already established at another funeral establishment are also transferable to be used for payment on services or to fund a preneed funeral plan.

One of the many benefits of paying for services and merchandise in full and in advance is the guarantee that no additional money will be needed by the family at the time of death. Increases in costs that may occur between the time the plan was purchased and when services are provided are covered.

We are happy to meet with you and explain the many options available as well as answer questions that may pertain to your specific needs and circumstances. Even if arrangements are not prepaid, just having your choices and plans down in writing gives a clear path for the family to follow.

If you chose to prepay but are in need of additional funding, there are several options available to provide assistance. Here are just a few …

  • Funeral Trust
  • Funeral Insurance
  • Non Associated Insurance
  • Personal Savings

Some of these options can be certified “irrevocable”, which is an important feature for those who are or may eventually need to qualify for Medicaid assistance. We can explain those features and options to you as we discuss your plan.

We are honored when a family chooses us to assist them with these important matters, and there will never be a charge for asking us questions. Please feel welcome to call us with any questions at any time.